About Sony Financial Group
Could you provide me a brief profile of Sony Financial Group Inc.?
On April 1, 2004, Sony Financial Holdings Inc. (currently Sony Financial Group Inc.) was established as Japan's first financial holding company providing both insurance and banking services through its three subsidiaries, Sony Life, Sony Assurance, and Sony Bank.
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What kinds of companies are in the Sony Financial Group?
The Sony Financial Group consists of four main business fields; "Life Insurance Business" conducted by Sony Life, "Non-life Insurance Business" conducted by Sony Assurance, "Banking Business" mainly conducted by Sony Bank, and "Nursing care Business" mainly conducted by Sony Lifecare.
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What are the Sustainability initiatives of Sony Financial Group?
Please see Sustainability.
What is the current credit rating for the Sony Financial Group?
Currently, Sony Financial Group Inc., Sony Life and Sony Bank have obtained ratings.
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When does the fiscal year end?
Our fiscal year ends on March 31.
Where can I find Sony Financial Group's financial reports?
Please see Financial Information to download our financial reports including earnings releases, presentation materials and annual report.
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